Dairy machines

Small-scale professional dairy machines:
– milk cooling tanks, milk transport tanks (the small units (100-1000 litres) are with cooling compressor, the larger ones with their own cooling and washing system, the indoor versions might be operated by ice-water)
– milk pasteurizer (continuous-flow HTST plate pasteurizer 200-5000 l/h, multi-functional batch pasteurizer 100 – 1000 l)
– separator and butter churn
– homogenizer
– yoghurt batch, cheese vat, batch pasteurizer (or all this in one unit) 100 – 1000 l
– cup filler, bottle filler (200 – 3000 pcs/h)
– draining batch, cheese form, cheese press
– curd pump, whey pump, whey tank
– stainless steel working table, stainless steel cheese table
– ice-water system for serving a complete dairy
– CIP central cleaning system for serving a complete dairy
– complete mini-dairy (200 – 5000 l/day) with local installation, training and startup

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