Mini brewery

We all love beer.  Especially good beer.   and even more: special beer. 

Our mini brewery equipment is an ideal solution for pubs, restaurants and hotels for making their own beer, which is not available anywhere else on the Globe.   Good idea, isn’t it?

System is also suitable for existing breweries for purpose of testing and development of new recipes. It is also suitable for education of new brewers.

Typical capacity: from 200 litres weekly up to 2000 litres daily.

ABREX - kisüzemi sörfőző (szűrőkád, whirlpool kád) ABREX - sör erjesztőtartály ABREX - kisüzemi sörfőző (cefréző kád, főzőkád)

The advantage of this system is that cleaning is very easy and simple. Mixing system is unique and patented. Process of brewing is controlled by industrial computer controller with touch screen. Temperature is controlled by PID regulator for precise and always guaranteed process of heating. Lauter tun is part of system and also used as whirlpool system.  Thanks to the heat exchangers, the system is operating with high energy efficiency.

The training of operation is provided in an existing brewery, with frequent product tasting (strongly after working hours).

We are ready to supply complete mini-brewery installed into 20′ container (prepared according to food industry norms) and therefore no installation is required on site: just connect to electricity and to water,  and ready to work.   The container occupies approximately 3 parking places near a pub. It can be connected directly to the bar and the beer can be sold directly.  The beer can not be more fresh !!! ABREX_BREWIKS_container_brewery_soruzem

Interested to invest?  Please let us know.